Selling Software
Selling Software

Unified Communications Platform

It does not matter whether you are a company of 5 people with an office in Prague, or the company of 20 000 people in Dallas, USA, your business will have an access to the highest quality of communication, which more than 15,000 companies worldwide are relying on.
Architecture of Communigate Pro - is a single kernel that provides all of the services, as opposed to standard approach for integrating multiple services together. This allows to substantially reduce transaction costs, and is confirmed by more than 17,000 installations around the world with more than 150 million end-users. CommuniGate Pro is the most advanced e-mail server on the market today. It can send e-mails to any e-mail servers, using SMTP-protocol and its extensions, as well as access to e-mail boxes which are tied to the account through the protocols POP, IMAP, MAPI and AirSync.

CommuniGate Pro is the best solution for scalable unified communications and VoIP, available today. The exchange of real-time data (IM and status) with other servers is available with SIP and XMPP, in order to communicate with customers you can use the protocols SIP, XMPP, XIMSS, ParlayX and scripts CG / PL. Contact Center extension enables companies to monitor phone conversations of their employees, recording and eavesdropping, and create a group of agents and queues.
Sky-tech is an official distributor of Community Gate in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries.

Optimize the performance of MS SQL database

Sky-tech is a partner specializing in the optimization of SoftPoint performance systems
heavily used as a server database Data MS SQL server. For these purposes, the company has launched three flagship products:
PERFEXPERT - software package that is monitoring the performance of the system and reveals errors in the SQL Server database in the server administration. There is an available proactive approach to localization of the problems for an instant response and identifying of various bottlenecks in IT system up to the line of the code.

DATA CLUSTER - a valuable solution for medium and large businesses, the informational system, which is built using MS SQL databases. Possibility of uninterrupted access to information with lots of references of similar technology and horizontal scaling with any geo-location information of objects within the network.
TRAFFIC SIMULATOR - solution for informed decision-making choice of new equipment or a version of the database information system and controlled transition to a new software.
Sky-tech is an official partner of SoftPoint.